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Welcome to Asperger-Syndrome.me.uk

Offering Help, Support and Information regarding Asperger Syndrome

About this Asperger Syndrome site

The idea of this web site is to help anyone who needs some help or support with a child or adult with the condition Asperger Syndrome.

The only reason We wrote this site is because when we found out our Son had Asperger Syndrome and my wife and I found it quite hard to find out information regarding the condition and information regarding help and support. So we decided to search the net as well as use various books plus added the little information we received from the doctors.

From our findings we have put all the information we have received together on this site. Before you go any further we must state we are NOT Doctor's or expert's on Asperger Syndrome we are just parents with a Son with Asperger Syndrome.

On this site you will find the basic of what Asperger Syndrome is, what you can do to help and even a bit of fun with famous people thought to have or do have Asperger Syndrome


We would welcome any feedback or suggestion on how to improve my site or add any information we may have missed so please feel free to mail me using the contact me link down the left hand side..


Asperger-Syndrome.me.uk is always looking for ways to increase the amount of people we can help so if you run a website and you would be willing to either add a link to my site or even add a small banner on your site to help please mail me via the contact me option on the left tool bar.



I need your help

I am looking for someone with a bit of spare time to help me keep this site upto date with the correct information ect and help me push this site forward. If you can help please contact me via the contact me link. Put "I Can Help" in the email title.

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